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Terms and Conditions 


There should be a 1:5 ratio of dessert vendors to meal vendors. Keep in mind that some food trucks also offer dessert options. You are allowed to ask them to remove their dessert items  for an event to avoid overlapping. Make sure you let us know ahead of time what other food vendors will be at the event. We reserve the right to cancel our services if we find out another dessert truck will be present with an event population of 1,200 or less.            

2. Exchange cell numbers for day-of-events contacts. Both the vendor and the booking host should have someone or preferably 2 people they can get a hold of immediately for any reason. This is especially important if there are any event changes due to weather, mechanical issues, etc…

3. Provide a bathroom. Let vendor staff know where restroom facilities are. Restroom access is required by the health department.

4. Have Space for parking and queue line. Keep in mind parking needs. Our truck is 20’ long. Avoid making a food truck parallel park. Keep in mind we need enough room for people to form a line and wait for food especially if there are multiple vendors. Make sure queue lines won’t intersect.

5. Give us the exact location of where to park and which direction to serve from. PRO TIP- Send a schematic or drawing of where food trucks are to park and serve.

6. Have trash cans available. We may not have one big enough for the event and we won’t have staff to make sure it is emptied regularly.

7. No surprises. You can never over communicate when it comes to event details, no matter how small the occasion. For example, always inform a food vendor of any other vendors, food or otherwise that will be present.

8. We have a right to cancel any event we are scheduled for if any of our terms are not met with a full refund of our deposit if we are paying to participate.

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